Ever heard of the saying “Never dare sell your soul for money, because no amount of wealth will buy you loyalty in hell.”

A.S Roma have been playing with fire when it comes to their treatment of club legend Francesco Totti

24 years later, and Totti still feels just as much love for the club to when he started.

The club regards Totti as their greatest ever player, having played over 500 games for the club whilst being honoured with dozens of individual and team accolades.

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For the majority of this season, Roma manager Luciano Spalletti has been reluctant to start the fan favourite.

Totti’s response has proven all his critics wrong.

The 39 year old scored three critical goals after three games for Roma. When their backs have been against the wall, Spalletti’s saviour has been the Totti.


“If you want to talk to the President, I’ve always said it is between them. I stand by my players always. I am the one who asks them to run and who uses up their energy. It is only right they are repaid,” said Spalletti. 

“Francesco has done extraordinary things here. If he extends his career, I am very happy. I will also be very happy when he does what it is he wants to do, so if he tells me that it’s being a football player.”



Roma are in a tight battle with rivals S.S.C. Napoli for second place.



Giallorossi’s all time leading goalscorer has has made it clear that he wants to play on, despite his lack of game-time this season.

Football Italia say that Totti is reportedly asking for  €2.5 million more than Roma’s initial offer for proposed wages next season. 


It’s good to know that Roma’s manager is back on his side.

“In my view Totti is a diamond and you bring out diamonds on special occasions, at the right moment, not every day. He’s more than 24-carats,” said Spalletti