Gaston del Castillo has big shoes to fill….

The 18 year old brother to Sergio Aguero, made his début appearance for Argentinian side Club Atlético Independiente.

It is the same side that his famous brother started from, and the similarities are all too familiar.

Castillo was promoted to Independiente’s first team in 2015, and came on in the 79th minute against San Lorenzo.

What’s even more freaky, is that both players debuted against San Lorenzo ending in the same final score of 1-0.

Like his brother “Kun”, Castillo’s preferred position is up front scoring goals.

When you compare Kun as a teenager to Gaston now, they are hard to differentiate.


compare the pair


“I’m very happy for all I’m going. I have to wait for the opportunity and when it comes, make the most of it,” said Castillo.

Castillo describes his older brother as his biggest idol, and is often in communication with Kun.

“I really like Messi and Cristiano … But I stay with my brother.” 

“Kun always tells me to be calm and that everything comes”.

You may be wondering, why they don’t share the same surname? Gaston carried over his father Leonel’s last name whereas Sergio carried over his mothers. 

Will it be too much pressure living in the shadow of his brother, along with the close relations with Messi and Maradona?

Judging by this footage. We don’t think so.