The past few months at THE TURF have been pretty big for our team.

We released TURF Quarterly, our first attempt at a print publication, which we’ve been astounded how well it’s been accepted. We’ve booked in our first big overseas trips (yeah, TURF’s go’n on tour) to Europe and North America later this year and we’re excited to finally launch some brand new content that’ll hit the spot just right.

As well, we thought stuff it, let’s get a fresh new feel about our site too. So thanks to the hard work of our creative team, here’s our new pad.

Welcome. Come anytime.

With the our new home, we’ve got a lot more flexibility in telling great football stories. As well as continuing our current daily football wrap, Mundial Morning, we’ve added a couple of other new series’.

You may have noticed the beginning of Good Weekends, our weekly guide to all the football you need to be watching over the weekend and places about town you need to hit up with your buddies. We’ll be ramping up Good Weekend to hit the site on Thursday evening so you’ve got plenty of time to plan your weekend.

We’re also launching Captured Tuesdays, a collaboration of four of the world’s finest football photographers.

Representing four continents, we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome Ryu Voekel who is capturing Europe, Nathan Conglenton from the Americas, Amber Teo representing Asia and our very own Aleks Jason who will continue to capture football in Australia. Each Tuesday one of these esteemed individuals will be sharing football from their part of the world through their unique lens — make sure you’re keeping an eye out for this.

In addition, we’ve got a lot more coming out in the next few weeks, including some big announcements about a little tournament that’s happening in France later this year  😉

Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you. You can hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and why not follow us on Insta whilst you’re at it. 

Enjoy your football.

Jacob Arnott – Publisher, THE TURF.