In Conversation with Marco Reus

Words by Jacob Arnott | Photography by Ryu Voelkel

Haunted by injury, Marco Reus could easily be soured by his misfortunes. Since missing out on Germany’s victorious summer in Brazil with an ankle tear, Reus has found himself sidelined more often than not.

Even now, 18 months on from the last game in Rio, he’s still battling abductor and toe complaints. But through the disappointment of what could have been, Reus’ cheeky smile and relaxed manner show he has no time for bitterness. Instead, his love for the game is the source of his success and devotion to his club, Borussia Dortmund.

Recently THE TURF caught up with Reus to discuss his reflections on the past year and his expectations for the future.


TURF: In light of your former manager Jürgen Klopp taking the over reigns at Liverpool, you mentioned last month that you thought BVB had finally ‘moved on.’ Did you find moving on from such a charismatic coach like Jürgen a challenge?

Marco Reus: Jürgen is a great coach who achieved many unique successes at Dortmund. However, now we play a different style of football that is more possession based. Like every coach, Thomas Tuchel (current BVB manager) has got his own philosophy and is also a fantastic coach. I think you can’t really compare them [Klopp and Tuchel] and none of us players do. As a player, you always have to keep developing. That has to be our aim as anything else would lead to stagnation and stagnation is a step back.

TURF: Thomas Tuchel has had some big shoes to fill, how have you found him as a coach?

MR: He is an open, ambitious, modest and without any doubt, an expert coach. I believe [Tuchel] and Dortmund is a perfect match.

TURF: You’ve had a very unlucky run with injuries the past year and a half; does this psychology affect you, suffering repeated injuries and not being out there on the pitch?

MR: I’m not the kind of guy to mope around and let it [injury] drag me down. Of course, you always ask yourself ‘why me again?’ But then the [recovery] mechanisms kick in and you aim to get back to full fitness as soon as possible so you can help the team.”

TURF: Injury also forced you from Germany’s victorious 2014 World Cup campaign. Is there any lingering disappointment about missing out?

MR: I’ve put that behind me. There’s no point worrying about things that you can’t change anymore. My focus now is on BVB and I believe the rest will follow automatically when the time is right.

TURF: You’re considered one of the Bundesliga’s most prolific strikers and have shown that repeatedly this season. Would you say that scoring just becomes second nature to you?

MR: No. Scoring in the biggest stadium in Germany and in front of what have been the biggest crowds in Europe for many years will always be very special to me. I come from Dortmund and have been privileged to play for my hometown club in hometown my stadium. I view it as a gift.

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