Photography | Aleksandar Jason


T – Hey Kofi, tell us a bit about your playing style? 

KD – My playing style is very positive and aggressive. My strength is my speed and 1V1 opportunities against defenders.

T – Describe your home town? you later moved to Canberra – did you meet football back in Ghana or in Australia? 

KD – I first started playing football as a young kid in Ghana. I moved to Australia when I was 7 and continued to play football. I met football again in Canberra and developed more skills and a greater passion for the game.


T – Tell us about your early life as a young footballer? do you still have your first football?

KD –  As a young footballer growing up in Canberra I played for my favourite junior club Canberra FC. I developed a great passion for the game. I was playing football before and after school. Every weekend I played with my local club and watched my favourite football competition the English Premiere League.

T –  Not many can say they tasted European football like yourself, playing for CS Vise in 2012/14 – ever thought of returning?

KD –  Yes I would love to have another opportunity in Europe. I think depending on the circumstances and what opportunity it brings.

T –  From Sydney FC to Brisbane Roar, you became a household name in the A-League!! do you think its time that they created a team in Canberra? 

KD – I’ve always dreamed of playing for my home team. I’m a Canberra boy and I’m proud of that. We have a lot of untapped talent in Canberra and the A-league would benefit from having a team in Canberra.


T –  Currently with HUME CITY, first game, first win – how’s the challenge? team mates and now calling Hume home after leaving Oakleigh? 

KD – The challenge is great at Hume City. The coaching staff and every player believes in the team. My team mates all have a competitive fire and the drive to achieve success.

T – Being a Canberra lad yourself, choose your 5v5 team consisting of only Canberra born team-mates including yourself? 

KD – Jason Geria, Tom Rogic, Steven Lustica & Ivan Pavlak.

T – If we had FIFA right in front of us now, who would you choose and why?

KD –  I would Choose Real Madrid because pace wins Fifa games #Ronaldo #Bale



T – Describe your favorite footballing moment! or your football dream? 

KD -My first home debut for Sydney FC. I came of the bench to score a goal against Wellington and we won 1-0. I couldn’t of ask for anything more as a young 17 year old.

T – Speed of Bale or Control of Neymar? 

KD – Control of Neymar

T – Your thoughts on the current attack on football by the Australian media? 

KD – I think the Australian media have high expectations of football in this country. Football has grown so much in Australia and so has youth talent. Since winning the Asia Cup expectations are high and that’s a good thing but it starts with our youth development all the way to the top. Now that the NPL has been introduced there is more opportunities for youth development and improvement across Australian football. It will take time but I think most of us expected it to happen straight away. Things just don’t work out right away there is always a process.


T – You have represented Australia many times, is it a goal to wear the green and gold one more time! or would you follow many Aussies footsteps and seek the chance to represent their home land? 

KD – I grew up in this country and I’m very fortunate for everything I have today. It will be the biggest honour to wear green and gold for Australia one more time. I don’t know when that time will come but I am hopeful it will happen one day.

T –  In 2009, you like many footballers faced the heart breaking moment of tearing your ACL. Many find it tough to get back on the pitch, we’ve seen footballers like Corey Gamiero go through it twice. How was it for you? 

KD – You got back and signed for Brisbane Roar only a year or so later! It’s the hardest thing to watch your teammates do what you’re supposed to be doing. Heart break is exactly how you feel but you develop a great mental strength because of it. It’s a humbling experience that makes you want to give up. I can say that I did at certain points but your love for the game keeps you going day by day.

T – Left foot or Right foot? 

KD – Right Foot


T – Favorite football stadium? 

KD – Stamford Bridge.

T – Street football or beach football? 

KD – Street Football.

T –  Lucky last, advice you would offer to up and coming footballers of Australia?

KD –  Train hard and listen nothing comes easy. Believe in yourself, believe in your ability and be hungry for success.