Tread carefully A.S Roma, as your next move could work wonders or be catastrophic.


At 39 years of age,  Francesco Totti’s love for his childhood club A.S Roma only grows stronger by the day.

The club regards Totti as their greatest ever player, having played over 500 games for the club whilst being honoured with dozens of individual and team accolades.

This is why the idea of possibly leaving the club on bad terms could haunt Totti and his fans forever.

Giallorossi’s all time leading goalscorer has has made it clear that he wants to play on, despite his lack of game-time this season.

It’s an issue that has snowballed into a huge dilemma for Roma President

James Pallotta.

“The situation with Francesco is really hard,” said Pallotta.  

“I’d like him to become part of the management, but he’d prefer to continue playing. The captain said he was interested in going to play in Miami, but they don’t have a team in MLS.

“He could be interested in moving to New York though.”



Francesco Totti (Right) watches on from the bench behind manager Luciano Spalletti


Totti has been given no choice but to consider his options elsewhere. It’s been made clear by Roma manager Luciano Spalletti, that Totti is not in his plans going forward, making the situation even more complicated.

The longer Totti remains in limbo at the club, the greater the damage will be.

In an interview with Italian broadcaster RAI, Totti described the pain he felt watching his team play from the stands.

“I can’t stay at Roma like this. It hurts to be on the bench.“I understand at my age that I play less, but ending my career like this is bad for me as a man and what I’ve given to Roma.

“I demand more respect for all I’ve done here.”




Fans protest in support of Francesco Totti 


In his second managerial stint with Roma, Spalletti is sticking to his guns. He was the main man behind Totti’s success where he scored 26 league goals in 2006-07, winning the European Golden boot.

“I coach Roma not just Totti,” Spalletti said.


“He’s an actor now,” said Spalletti

The relationship between player and manager has been hindered greatly this season, resulting in a public war of words.

“I hoped that he would have said to my face the many things that I have instead wound up reading in the papers,” said Totti.


Spalletti was jeered by the Roma faithful after dropping Totti from the squad against Palermo. This is besides the fact that Spalletti has won the past five Serie A league matches.

WATCH: Fans boo A.S Roma manager Luciano Spalletti


“I cannot keep going like this: I am suffering, the people around me are suffering. We’ll see what the future has in store,” explained Totti.

The outcry from the fans is indicative of the huge impact that Totti has had on the club. He is symbolic for everything that is A.S Roma.

The club must be clear with Totti whether his future lies with the club or not.

Even if his time at his beloved club is up, at least he will get the send off he rightfully deserves.

Time is of the essence for Roma. NOW is the time for action!


By Ari Charilaou (He’s also on twitter here)