Leicester City’s dream run in the Premier League has no doubt sent fans into absolute delirium on multiple occasions this season. 

So much so, that a group of Leicester University students discovered a minor earthquake only moments after The Foxes win over Norwich at King Power Stadium last month. 

30,000 fans rose to their feet after

Leonardo Ulloa’s 89th minute winner. A 

seismometer was positioned 0.3 miles from the home stadium, which has detected tremors on more than one occasion. 

> Source < The red surges are indicated during the goals scored

First year student Richard Hoyle from Leeds, has said they have found a clear correlation between the mini earthquakes and the Leicester fans. Talk about pure passion!

“Our biggest signal detected so far came last Saturday (27 February) when Leicester scored the only goal in the match in the 89th minute and this registered a magnitude 0.3 -clearly the fans were very tense!

“This project gives us a fantastic opportunity to conduct a novel investigation for the remainder of the football season while also further engaging the school children while their home team is doing so well in the football tables.

Fans are calling it the ‘Vardy Quake’, in honour of their hero and top scorer this season. 

“Besides naturally occurring earthquakes, we are now curious to discover which Leicester City footballer will generate the biggest seismic signal. Our money is on Vardy,” said Richard. 

So I guess this ends the debate on which sport has the most passionate fans.

How can you not love the world game!  

By Ari Charilaou (He’s also on twitter here)