Late last year, we put THE TURF’s ace photographer Aleks Jason on a plane to head north and onto the Central Coast to hang out with the Central Coast Mariner’s, Anthony Caceres. We had a chat, took some photos and even told a good dad-joke or two. Enjoy below!


TURF. How’s the coastal life treating you?
AC. It’s a very relaxing life on the coast. I enjoy spending time after training with the boys at cafe’s around the coast and hit the beach whenever I get the chance.

TURF. A-League season 11 is up and running, How has the league changed today compared to Day 1?
AC. The A-League has earned respect from the Australian public and now has a massive following. The amount of people I knew growing up who had never watched a game now have a team they support and it’s great to see how far the popularity of the league has grown.

TURF. Did you watch it as a kid? How old were you when the league itself started in 2004?
AC. I was 12 years old when the league started and watched it from the beginning. We often went to Sydney FC games as it was the closest to home. The league has definitely come a long way since then.

TURF. Marconi Stallions and now Central Coast, at the age of 23. Do you see yourself pushing for more success as an individual?
AC. Definitely. Every footballer has their individual goals. Long term I have ambitions to test myself in playing abroad either in Europe or South America. For the time being my focus is to perform consistently in the A-League and keep improving who I am as a player and person.


TURF. Growing up, what made you love the round ball? Was it your heritage or was it a certain moment?
AC. Having a Uruguayan background my family are mad about football. From as long as I can remember the game has been a massive part of my life. Growing up I would spend hours practicing in the backyard with my dad and younger sister who has gone on to represent Australia at junior level. The influence football has had on my family is something I will always cherish as it has given me many fond memories.


TURF. First memory of a World Cup?
AC. Would have to be the WC98 Final between France and Brasil.  

TURF. Biggest game you have been apart of or a certain moment you will never forget?

AC. Has the be the 2013 A-League Grand Final when we beat the Wanderers. It was my first year in the league, although I was on the bench it was an unbelievable experience and to share it with some of my best mates made it even better.


TURF. Your partner Helen is apart of the WSW Women’s team, 1 v 1 who would win?
AC. It would be a tight game. We always go to the park when we both have some time off to have a kick around and work on a few things. I’m not going to lie, she has a better-left foot than I do.

TURF. Tough few games so far in 2016, is there a stand out player in the league?
AC. The League has many stand out players. Fornaroli has been unreal since coming in. I knew he was quality before he came to the A-League as I follow Nacional from Uruguay and I remember him scoring a great goal in a derby. I’m also a fan of how Carrusca goes about his work, makes things look easy and is your typical South American playmaker.


TURF. We love your intensity and hard work throughout the 90mins, are there any pre-game rituals?
AC. Have a few little rituals. Normally, I would start my day with a coffee in the morning and have my pre-match meal 4 hours before kick off. In the change rooms, I’m in charge of the tunes (strictly Hip-Hop). Before the game, I do everything with my right foot first from lacing up my boots to my first step onto the pitch

TURF. How important does the crowd play during home games?
AC. The crowd has a massive influence on games, they bring the atmosphere and the pace of the game is somewhat dictated the energy of the fans. Knowing that your supporters are right behind you is a great feeling and to celebrate a goal or a win in front of your home crowd is something special

TURF. We challenge you to a FIFA game, what team do you choose and what tactic would be your first choice?

AC. I like to mix it up a bit on FIFA. Typically I’d go with Barcelona in a 4-3-3 and keep possession until the other person starts cooking. Maybe dribble through and slot one in with Messi to take the points in the dying minutes

TURF. What is your favourite “Dad” joke? We do love a good joke here at THE TURF.  
AC. How do you get Pikachu on a bus? You POKE-HIM-ON!  (Horrible isn’t it?)

TURF. Second last question, AFC compared to the A-League? Favourite stadium in the AFC and in the A-League?
AC. I loved playing in the Asian Champions League as you get to play against the best players Asia has to offer. It’s a very competitive competition as you face clubs with endless amounts of resources who are able to attract players from all around the world. My favourite stadium would be Kashiwa Reysol’s home ground. It was small but when we played there the atmosphere was electric and the pace of the game was unreal.  In the A-League, besides Bluetongue Stadium, I love playing in my hometown against the Wanderers at Pirtek Stadium.


Nike or Adidas – Nike
Pele or Maradona – Maradona
Ronaldo or Messi – Messi
EPL or La Liga – La Liga
Scoring or Assisting – Scoring

Interview & photography by Aleks Jason.