Sepp’s scared of the money, for once.

Earlier today outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s press conference to announce FIFA’s new reform committee to lead the charge in cleaning up the scandal-ridden organisation was abruptly interrupted by a British comedian with a handful of fake cash.

Simon Brodkin, a comedian with a track-record of high-profile publicity stunts, took his focus to FIFA leading the ‘2026 North Korea World Cup Bid’. Upon Blatter’s entry into the theatre, Brodkin, proceeded to place a handful of cash in-front of a bewildered Blatter and throw the rest in the air as he was escorted out by FIFA security.

“Here we go Sepp,” Brodkin exclaimed whilst showering the outgoing FIFA President in fake notes. “And thanks for 2026.”

A clearly startled and confused Blatter paced the room before announcing, “this is not football” and departing the room for the North Korean cash to be cleaned up.

The comical show comes after FIFA was plunged even deeper into scandal when several executives were arrested by Swiss police at FIFA’s Congress earlier this year. Blatter also won a fifth term as President before announcing his shock (eventual) resignation just three days after.

Once returning to the conference, Blatter announced his new task force to spear-head the clean up of the scandal-ridden organisation. 

By Jacob Arnott.