When Adidas decided to do away with their classic stable of 4 recognisable silos – the Predator, Adizero, 11Pro and Nitrocharge – we all held our breath and waited to see what would come next. The only thing we knew for certain was that the boot game would never be the same again.

Sure enough, the new unveilings haven’t failed to disappoint. Debuted at last month’s Champions League final, the three stripes delivered us three new boots: X, Ace and Messi. Whilst the latter is a pretty self-explanatory signature silo for the greatest player in the world, the other two models give boot wearers the option of “Chaos” or “Control”; the choice of speed or touch; lightweight or comfort.

The Control side of the equation sits with the Ace 15.1 – the more traditional of the two boots, which comes equipped with Adidas’s Totalskin synthetic upper with a 3D Control Web and NSG (Non Stop Grip) for control under all conditions.

Basically, the NSG is a honeycomb-like design of rubber grip dots right across the boot’s upper, whilst the Totalcontrol stud pattern is a revolutionary mix of FG/AG studs, providing the wearer with increased traction, balance and comfort, and improving a player’s contact with the ground as well as the ball. The three stripes will also be producing a leather version, which is sure to keep the boot purists happy.

Already worn by players such as Mesut Özil, James Rodríguez, Koke, Oscar and Mats Hummels, the boot has a broad appeal across former Predator, Adizero and Nitrocharge wearers, including everyone from legendary midfield maestros like Xabi Alonso, Daniele De Rossi and Steven Gerrard to the goalkeeping greats of Manuel Neuer and Iker Casillas.

With the left boot of Ivan Rakitić sweeping home past Gigi Buffon in the 4th minute of the recent Champions League decider, Adidas couldn’t have dreamt up a better debut for the Ace and if the early reviews of the model are anything to go by, the revolution looks set to be a happy one for the German brand.

Review by Nicholas Leggatt