To celebrate the release of the latest silhouette in the ‘HYPERVENOM’ series, Nike threw an event fitting the deceptive nature of the brand new boot.

With the offer to fly THE TURF to Sydney to kick about some balls at an unknown location in the Sydney area – we were weary at first to what this event might entail this time around. Last time we had to sign a wager for our life, so unsure with nervous excitement we accepted Nike’s challenge, because who can say no to a free trip!

Arriving at the unknown location we were meet with the a 10-feet tall Neymar Jnr setting the scene for the occasion. His allusive form at the Copa Americas would suggest that the folk at Nike could have us in for a treat? Kitting up head-to-toe in our training kits, it was time to head into the arena, a room with astro-turf and a mischievous Adam Peacock astutely awaiting. Turns out our skills were to be tested in a series of time trials and ‘expression-sessions’. Feeling deceptive and agile after being declared a footballing beast that feeds upon the ego of ‘confident forwards’ it was time to release our inner animal.

TURF’s resident photog Aleks Jason took to the course first, a bit of left and right with a spin for the camera, he’d set a high standard for the rest of the group. With a less than impressive first attempt, this reporter wasn’t satisfied with his opening efforts. Speed was on his side, but the obstacle course had shown it’s intervening hand; he’d have to lift next time around.

The expression session passed with a quick (attempted) Ronaldo-chop and a rabona or two. It came down to the final shootout between the two leading teams, each with a TURF member signed for their services. A 2 – 2 tie to end normal penalties forced the shootout into an un-expected ALL-TURF PENALTY SHOOTOUT FINAL!

Quite whispers of trash floating through the air, Aleks was the first to step up to the spot. His right foot came down quick in a fast approach, managing to hit the bottom of the ball and slice it straight into the right post. The moment was upon editor Jacob to seal the deal for his boys who had fought a losing battle all day. With timely precision, accuracy and measured force, Arnott struck the ball sweetly as it cut through the air and went flying into the back of the net.

Victory had been taken by one-half of THE TURF, topping off a successful day at the office.

Hypervenom II is designed for attacking players who are deceptive by nature on the pitch – capable of moves in any direction and usually making the one their opponent least expects. The boot had to be crafted to support those kinds of movements, all while delivering a strong sense of style.

Written by Jacob Arnott. @jacobarnott

Big cheers to NIKE for flying Aleks & myself to Sydney for the event!