Barcelona has once again proved their dominance in world
football after putting three goals past the world’s best keeper Manuel Neur, in
their 3-0 home leg win over Bayern Munich.

Despite Barca’s reign of goalmouth opportunities, it took
them until the 76th minute for the deadlock to be broken.

The first goal came from whom else but the footballing
god of our era, Lionel Messi. The Argentine broke the internet this morning,
after scoring a brace against his old master Pep Guardiola.

Messi’s first goal was a created something out of nothing,
as he effortlessly hit a shot home from outside of the box, weaving in-between
two defenders and gliding the ball passed Neur with ease.  

There was no time for a toilet break for the viewer at home,
with Barca’s goal coming in a blink of an eye.

When you didn’t think Messi could top his first goal, he literally
broke the internet, along with Jerome Boateng’s soul.

The number 10 weaved from left to right in one motion
sending Boateng on his backside, and then audaciously lifting a cheeky chip
over Manuel Neur sending the world into an online viral frenzy.


Guardiola wasn’t wrong when describing Messi; he is literally an
unstoppable force and is continuing to prove to the world he is the best
footballer on the planet.

When I met Pele in March, the question had to be asked:
Ronaldo or Messi? His response was Messi, and said his skill with the ball was
a gift from god.

It was an emotional game for Pep Guardiola, who stepped off
the team bus two hours prior to kick-off. Camp Nou will always be home to the
former Barcelona manager, although the 3-0 loss tonight would have rekindled some
old memories of Barcelona’s pure dominance.

Bayern are going to have to pull a rabbit out of the hat
when they take on Barcelona at home for their second leg. Turning around a 3-0 deficit
won’t be easy but Guardiola’s men have done it before.

This tie is certainly not over yet.



Angry fans protest against President Joko Widodo. The controversial president making world news headlines twice in a month. 

The notorious president is now under fire once again from
his own people of Indonesia, after a decision was made earlier this year to ban
their football league indefinitely.

Surprise surprise, this comes after corruption and politics
has affected the football league and its inability to pay players and staff. Who
would have thought?

The Indonesian fans are not going down without a fight, and
must be commended for their positive attitude. Fans gathered in Jakarta as one,
in protest against Widodo’s government to resurrect their football league.

Fans in Indonesia are crazy about their football and will
continue to fight until a change has been made.

Spanish football suspended from May 16

The decision to suspend all Spanish domestic competition
comes after issues regarding television rights. The government and the Spanish
federation have agreed on the indefinite suspension however both parties are
open to find a resolution to the issue.

Barcelona is set to play Atletico Madrid on May 16th
but it is unclear if game will go ahead.


Chelsea anger from
disabled supporters


Disabled Chelsea supporters are outraged at the club, due to
its lack of disabled spaces in the stadium. The club has the 14th
worst premier league record for disabled spaces but still managed to get
awarded with an advanced equality standard award from KICK IT OUT. Read




Etihad Stadium- KO 7.30pm

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