The TURF is looking for a soccer loving man or woman to come and join The TURF team in the role of a Managing Editor for 2015! We are looking for someone who lives, breathes, sleeps, eats, drinks and plays football. Somebody who is passionate about the game as much as we are at The TURF!

What is The TURF?

The TURF is a Football Culture publication focused upon Australian and International soccer. Football / Futebol / Fútbol / Votebol / Soccer or what you call our beautiful game, The TURF has you covered in providing a fresh approach to the game and especially its growing impact in Australia. Founded back in October 2013, The TURF has grown to become a respected website that’s sourced stories from the terraces in Melbourne to the beaches of Copacabana.

What will I have to do in the role as ‘Managing Editor’?

In your role as a managing editor, it’s your role to work alongside other editors in keeping an eye on all that’s happening in the world of football. You’re constantly on the look for stories, photos or videos that match our content style and you’re working to maintain the general content flow and up-keep of the website. You’ll also be giving the final approval to any content that comes in from other contributors before publishing and will

Whilst the job isn’t a MASSIVE workload, we hope you will buy into the idea of what we’re trying to build at The TURF and become as passionate about the project as we are.


We are looking for someone under the age of 25 who also knows how to publish & edit on Tumblr (it’s not that hard!). We’re looking for someone who’s fun! Somebody who has a solid knowledge of the game in Australia and internationally and who is keen to join in on a growing football project!

Please direct your interest to jacob (at)

At this time, this position is un-paid.