Since last year’s World Cup which saw the introduction of the flyknit into football boots, Nike has changed tact to focus in on the small-sided game. The new Nike Football X series focuses on creating a series of boots for five-a-side games on the court, street or pitch; to give players a rounded boot that ultimate fit, touch and traction for all surfaces.

“NikeFootballX merges Nike’s pinnacle boot technology with design elements unique to
small-sided football,” says Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear. “We’ve met with smallsided
players all over the world and they want the same performance benefits Magista and
Mercurial provide, but with outsoles and colourways unique to their game.”

Some outstanding performances from Nike athletes the past year has inspired to begin not just focusing on the big game, but the small one too.

Football isn’t just played on grass pitches with eleven players a side; it’s played by smallsided
crews on the turf of Mexico City, in the cages of Berlin, the streets of São Paulo and
everywhere in between. While the size and surface of the game may vary, the attributes of
the players are the same.

The specifics include the addition of ‘Nike Grind’ to improve durability, cushioning surfaces and two versions of each boot; indoor court and turf to cater specifically for each surface. 

You can get your hands on these boots at Nike from April 1.