Adidas Football have released their latest marketing campaign featuring Louis Suarez, James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and it’s fully sick. #TherewillBeHaters filled up our social media streams this morning to promote the new colourway of Adidas’ major boots; adidas adizero f50, adidas Predator, adidas Nitrocharge and adidas 11Pro

The self-proclaimed ‘provocative’ film is intended to encourage players that having ‘haters’ is the ultimate compliment.

“If you have "haters”, then it’s the ultimate compliment. The best players know that a great performance delivers “hate” from fans and opponents, particularly on social media, which then continues to fuel the confidence to deliver even greater performances. They thrive off it – and they make no apology in doing so" said the Adidas press release.

So take a moment to sit back and enjoy this cracking video from Adidas. #THEREWILLBEHATERS