4. Tommy Oar

Tommy Oar has had a rollercoaster 2014 season. Faced with the challenge to overcome multiple setbacks through injury, Oar demonstrated his fighting spirit time and time again to impress himself as a regular starter for the Socceroos.

Since signing for FC Utrecht in 2010, Oar has been a rising star for the Dutch club totalling just over 100 appearances to date. 

Now a seasoned veteran for Utrecht, Oar’s speed and agility has been utilised by manager Rob Alflen, who to his credit, has invested a lot of faith into Oar as he saw him develop in his earlier seasons. When appearing for Utrecht, Oar has been a creative mastermind for his sides attack. In 10 appearances Oar managed to grab six assists making him a vital part of Utrecht’s forward structure. 

Oar also played a pivotal role in the Socceroos World Cup campaign and was rewarded with a spot on the plane to Brazil. However, his first two fixtures against Chile and the Netherlands weren’t standout performances for Tommy who struggled to have an impact at the Cup.

Coach Ange Postecoglou is someone who sees past the performances and backed the youngster.

“He’s playing against some very good opponents. Tommy’s been great. Again, he’s only a young man. I think he’s determined to do better, no doubt, but they all are. At the same time I can tell you he’s made it, but he’s still got to improve and I’m sure he will.

Oar was unlucky to injure his knee against Spain which kept him from playing. He has now returned and is in top form for FC Utrecht and the Socceroos leading up to the Asian Cup in 2015.

The 23 year continued to stay motivated and determined to reach his true capabilities as a footballer.  This has led to transfer speculations from Dutch giants AFC Ajax.

Oar’s ability to overcome injuries and return to top form is a tribute to his character and the reason why he deserves to be number four in the TURF20.

By Ari Charilaou