#RioReflections – The Beautiful game in a Beautiful city.

Reflecting on what a remarkable year that was 2014, we couldn’t help but reminisce on the beautiful beaches, drinks, people (especially women), scenery and of course, the football in Rio de Janeiro.

Celebrating a World Cup in Brasil was an experience of a lifetime that we’ll cherish for a long, long time. The relaxed and chilled atmosphere of Copacabana beach mixed with the excitement and passion of people from 32 different nations coming together to celebrate football could only be described as thrilling.

Argentinians, Spaniards, Japanese, Italians, French, English, Colombian, Americans, Australians, Brazilians all celebrating their nation and wearing their heart on their sleeve. National Pride was on the line for who could chant, sing and scream the loudest with competitive yelling matches often going late into the night.

Then there was the street football and the random kick-a-bouts. You couldn’t find a street court that wasn’t teeming with people all hours of the day. The city was running on the hype of football for three weeks straight.

So to hopefully kill any lingering World Cup hangovers before the new year, we’ve teamed up with Brazilian photographer Paulo del Valle to share with you these stunning images of Rio.

Obrigado Brasil!