Remember driving past a Maccas after school, asking mum if she can buy you a cheeseburger , followed by a stern “no, we have food at home”?

Well I certainly do.

That feeling is pretty much how Australian football fans feel every season when reading another story that a star player is on the way down under.

In 2012, Italian football icon Alessandro Del Piero penned a two year deal with Sydney FC. It was the biggest thing to happen in Australian football, and we haven’t seen anything close to that since (maybe Rutger Worm 😂).

In all seriousness, it’s comical to see how certain media entertain the idea that a player like Zlatan Ibrahimovic would even be considering a move to the A-League. Where else have we heard the same gobbledygook? Oh yes that’s right, Ribery, Robben, and super Frankie Lampard to the A-League might sound a little familiar.









There’s no doubt we love the idea of Zlatan celebrating a goal alongside a few bottles of Masterfoods sauce, or being subbed off and parking himself on a plastic chair.

Despite Perth Glory making a brave bid, A-League officials confirmed he would not be able to sign until January.

Zlatan pretty much trolled all of Spain, after posting a video to Instagram stating ‘He’s coming back’. Turns out it was for a betting video which has caused outrage.

Do we need Zlatan in the A-League? Yes.

Will it happen? Probably not….

Who’s next?

Thanks to A-League memes for summing it up in one Facebook status.