The first weekend of the 2018 World Cup is in the books. After a questionable opening ceremony, we saw some small glimpses of the Cup’s potential to hit the dizzying heights of football excitement.

Russia blasted their way past Saudi Arabia, Spain and Portugal lived up to the hype and treated us to one of the early games of the tournament, and Mexico stunned the world champions to end the weekend.

Let us recap the beautiful, crazy, unpredictable opening weekend of the World Cup:

Well, who are the favourites now?

It was somewhat of an, dare I say, underwhelming opening weekend for the tournament favourites. While the opening round of a tournament can often be an opportunity to shake off the rust and work out some of the kinks, you still expect the big name teams to plant their flag and let us know they’re ready to compete.

Like, at least one of them? #POR🇵🇹 and #SPA🇪🇸 put on a show between the two of them, with no one able to find that elusive goal; #FRA🇫🇷 looked like half the team we expected them to be in a narrow win against the Aussies (with a bit of help of course… but we’ll get to that later), #ARG🇦🇷 and #BRA🇧🇷 were held to 1-1 draws against #ISL🇮🇸 and #SUI🇨🇭 respectively, and the mighty #GER🇩🇪 couldn’t put it past #MEX🇲🇽 and lost thanks to a goal from everyone’s favourite Ultimate Team wonderkid, Hirving Lozano.

Looking back at the results from the opening weekend my money’s on Russia to sweep the whole damn thing.

Australia got robbed (again)(again)(again) or Marge! The VAR’s on the fritz!

Yeah nah. But maybe. But probably nah.

Who even knows these days? Are we perpetually getting robbed or do we just see everything through FUCKFIFATHEYNEVERLETUSWIN-coloured glasses?

In any case, a referee’s decision was once again the deciding factor is a major game, this time with the help from the Video Assistant Referee (VAR). Australia just happened to be the lucky recipient of the first official VAR decision in World Cup history (yay?) and it showed us that maybe things aren’t actually better with technology.

In other news, the VAR worked perfectly in the #PER🇵🇪 #DEN🇩🇰 game, so who knows?

Optus continues to cause problems from Aussie football fans

Here’s another one you’ve heard before, Optus is experiencing connection issues.

Not only have we had to accept Optus’ takeover of the Premier League, we had to receive their poor coverage for that. Now we are forced to accept Optus’ takeover of the World Cup, we again have to deal with poor coverage again. You’d think after 2 years of covering football and preparing to cover the biggest football tournament in the world that maybe they’d have their act together.

Optus have today announced that they will be shifting coverage of all the World Cup games for the next 48 hours over to SBS while they try and get their act together. Phew! We can collectively breathe a sigh of relief (for 48 hours).

The Messi vs. Ronaldo war wages on

The battle that never seems to cease and the opening weekend of this year’s World Cup was no different. One scored a hat-trick against one of his biggest rivals, and the other missed a penalty against a part-time film-maker.

Apparently, this one feat means that the one is infinitely better than the other, or something like that.

It doesn’t seem the Messi vs. Ronaldo fanboys will be happy until both Messi and Ronaldo are tied on every single stat imaginable and even that probably won’t do it.

Why can’t we just appreciate the fact that we have the privilege of watching two of the greatest footballers to have ever graced the game? (Nah, Ronaldo found an accidental curly fry in his french fries, he’s the best)

And finally, there’s still A LOT of football to be played

Thank God for that! Time to crack a beer, settle in, get comfy, and enjoy the best the beautiful game has to offer.

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