You all know well and good, the game changes as soon as Mum gets involved. Especially if she’s absolutely filthy with the referee.

Bayern Munich’s Champions League campaign came to an end earlier this week when Real Madrid progressed 4 – 3 on aggregate. However, it’s that second leg which drew the ire of many Bayern supporters who believed that they should have been awarded a penalty just before half-time when Marcelo seemingly touched the ball with his hand.

Causing angst across Munich, nobody was as filthy as James Rodriguez’s mother, who let loose on Twitter and ripped into the Turkish ref.

Mid-match she tweeted;

“If that wasn’t a handball what was it then? Very difficult like this.”

“Each time I see the replay it’s as though a rock hits me.’

‘Four penalties in two games. Definitely, the referees played a key part.’

We especially love Mumma-Rodriguez’s use of the 💩 emoji. 😅