FC Barcelona were crowned La Liga champions yesterday after their win against Deportivo La Coruna, put them 11 points clear at the top of the table. With four games to spare, it’s all champagne and celebrations at Camp Nou.

However – it’s not going down so well over at Real Madrid, who aren’t taking the L too well at all.

As is tradition, when a team wins the championship with games remaining – they’re given a guard of honour by their next opponent. But Real captain and overall ‘troublemaker’, Sergio Ramos says that no guard of honour will be happening on his watch.

“Barca have the title, which is what they wanted, but there will be no guard of honour full stop,” Ramos told the press.

And it turns out it’s not just Sergio who’s holding a grudge, this ruling is coming straight from the boss, Zinedine Zidane.

“Coach Zidane said it and it’s set in stone. We will not give Barcelona a guard of honour next weekend. Don’t ask me about it, let them enjoy their title and we will focus on Bayern from now on,” Ramos continued.

Is it really that hard to stand there and clap for 30 seconds without losing focus lads? Smells a bit sour to us…