World Football’s mysterious overlords are set to hold a ‘special meeting’ next month to consider a multi-billion dollar (yes billion with a capital B) revamped of the FIFA Club World Cup and ‘Nations League’.

It all comes on the back of FIFA’s dissatisfaction with the Club World Cup and the Confederations Cup, as it fails to “[deepen] the relationship between fans and the game on a worldwide basis,” according to a FIFA document seen by the BBC. And whilst World Football’s governing body is also trying to recover lost revenue streams estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars following their never-ending corruption scandal, you can see why these ideas may come to fruition.

The solution being proposed is a reformed Club World Cup which would feature 24 teams around the globe who would be split into eight groups. The winners would face each other in a typical knockout format.

In addition, FIFA wants to build on Europe and Africa’s plans for a ‘Nations League’ to create more opportunities for national teams to play more meaningful matches, instead of just pointless friendlies.

And it’s an idea that’s wet the appetite of an anonymous group of global investors (ooooooh) from Asia, Europe and North America who were willing to put up a whopping $25 BILLION DOLLARS to fund the creation of the new tournaments.

We think the ideas hit the mark for what’s been a gaping hole in the international football calendar until World Cup Qualifiers really heat up in the months before the World Cup. Confederation leaders will be heading to FIFA’s lair in Zurich to discuss these options (and organise a tidy kick-back) to make the whole thing a reality, next month.

Watch this space…

Source: BBC