Not that it’s a big deal or anything – but Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola won’t be watching the match that could affirm City as this year’s Premier League Champions.

Instead, he’ll be out on the golf course… as you do.

Manchester City will be confirmed as champions this evening if their across town rivals, Manchester United lose to West Brom. Although the loss would be a shock, Guardiola wouldn’t budge on the fact that his Sunday was for golf.

“I have a gold game,” Guardiola told Sky Sports after City’s 3 – 1 win over Tottenham.

“I have three days off and tomorrow, I have golf. Golf, my son, friends,” he affirmed.

“Tomorrow is golf.”

We get it Pep, you like golf.

If United do in-fact go down at the hands of West Brom tomorrow – there’ll be scenes in dramatic opposite to those we saw last week after United beat City in the hometown derby.

Wipe those tears away City fans with a trophy and a spot of golf of-course.

Source: BBC