Ever thought you might just stay the night at a football stadium?  We can’t say we ever have, but Bayern Munich now are offering fans that very chance, to stay the night at the Allianz Arena.

And it’s not just staying the night out in the cold, instead, in the comfort and luxury of a Marriott Hotel suite. Dubbed “The Courtyard,” fans now have the chance to not just watch the game from inside the corporate box where the ‘suite’ is located, but can get a little bit of shut-eye at halftime, or even keep celebrating their teams’ win late into the night.

Guests will also be able to choose their poison from an exclusive cocktail list and high-end menu offering.

And how much will this all cost you? That’s a great question. You can’t actually book a night in the suite as of yet, but when it does open up to the public, expect a very expensive price tag.