Last night, two of Youtubers biggest stars KSI and Joe Weller took to the ring to settle a rivalry that had hit boiling point. After months of online public banter that eventually turned personal, fans around the world witnessed something special.

If you don’t know them already, KSI is arguably the first big Youtuber that hit the big time. Weller on the other hand came into the Youtube scene later on, but he’s rapidly growing in popularity.

Two guys that have hardly had any boxing experience, raked in more than 20 million views combined for a fight streamed live on Youtube. Put this into perspective: Floyd Mayweather v Connor McGregor only had 6.7 million PPV buys.

KSI may have triple the number of subscribers (17 million), but it was clear who the fans were siding with. The pre-match press conference almost had the same cringe feel that McGregor v Mayweather had.

Surprisingly, this event delivered. KSI said he was going to beat the living s*** out of Weller and he made sure everyone knew about it after the fight.

“I talked the talk and I walked the walk mother*****,” said KSI.