Jose Mourinho fires shots at Man City players for ‘going down too easy’

Jose Mourinho will not be a happy man this morning.

Manchester United fell to the sword of Manchester City, losing 2-1 at home. The fire has continued post-match, after Mourinho accused Pep Guardiola’s men for going down too easy.

City dominated United, and capitalized on the Red Devil’s mistakes at Old Trafford. Today’s victory marks their 14th consecutive win, as they speed towards their third Premier League* title.

Guardiola’s side have now won a record 14 games in a row, and dominated possession at Old Trafford on Super Sunday.

He dismissed Mourinho’s claims, only adding more fuel to the fiery rivalry.

That is not true. We want to play. Sometimes they are quicker, faster, but that is not true,” said Guardiola.

“So we are an honest team, the team that average 60, 65, 70, 80 per cent possession, that means we want to play. So we did it. We came here to play, and that’s why I’m so satisfied.”

Man United striker Romelu Lukaku had a night he will long to forget.

Ari Charilaou