Kylian Mbappe insists “he hasn’t changed” despite up and leaving AS Monaco for Paris Saint Germain.

Mbappe came to terms on a huge deal worth €180m, which will be signed-on after his year-long loan, a ploy to work around UEFA rules. And understandably – Monaco fans are pissed off.

Prior to pen hitting paper, Monaco’s ultras made their thoughts on Mbappe’s actions very clear – booing him on several occasions, even when he was on the bench.


But in a heartfelt ‘I want you back’ message posted for the whole world on social media; Mbappe insists that he’s still the same old 18 year-old wonder-kid he was in Monaco.

“I know that a few of you don’t understand my choice and that you’re angry and I understand that. And I also understand some boos when we last met,” Mbappe wrote on Twitter.

“Because false information circulated throughout the ‘Mbappe soap opera’. But I haven’t changed, my entourage haven’t changed and our values remain the same; humility, simplicity and respect.

“You can be angry, hate me or boo me but you can never stop me from loving you because the truth is there – I love you.”

Grasping at straws with the last ‘I love you’ we reckon…. 😬😬😬