FC Barcelona are clearly still pissed with how the whole Neymar transfer saga went down this month. And rightly so, Neymar signed a new contract just 9-months ago committing him to the club until 2021 – and well, you know what happened next.

Barcelona paid Neymar a whooping €8.5 million signing bonus when he put pen to paper earlier this year – and now, given his gone, Barca want it all back.


Camp Nou is suing Neymar, alleging that he is in breech of a contractual obligation and therefore should return the bonus he was given – plus a nice lil’ 10% bonus for their troubles 🤑


The Neymar camp, as expected isn’t happy. The Brazilian hit back claiming that “there are directors at Barcelona that shouldn’t be there.” His A-team of lawyers are said to be preparing a defence, claiming the athlete “completely fulfilled [his] contract.”


Barcelona went on to state that it expects PSG to pay the fee if Neymar fails to do so.


There’s been a lot of shady business dealings, especially from the Neymar camp associated with his move to PSG.


There’s been talk that Neymar’s agent and father continued to hold up the PSG deal until after the end of July – to trigger an additional loyalty bonus of €26m to be paid by Barca. Even the structure of his contract at PSG sees him paid part of his salary as a ‘Qatar World Cup ambassador’ in order to meet salary cap regulations.


Blind robbery or just business? Grab the popcorn 🍿