WATCH: Real Madrid Marco Asensio scores another rocket against Barcelona

Real Madrid star Marco Asensio scored in the Supercopa de España FinalGame one.

He’s done it again in game two scoring this absolute rocket of a goal. 

Could this kid be the first to reach the level of Ronaldo and Messi? It’s hard to believe he’s only 20 years old.

Marco Asensio has scored in 😱

 UCL Final 
 Supercopa de España Final Debut 
 La Liga Debut 
 UCL Debut 
 Copa Del Rey Debut 
 Real Madrid Debut 
 UEFA Super Cup

….and he’s only 21 🔥

WATCH: How good is the commentary 😂


He also scored this banger in leg 1!

COVER ART: Jhanda123

Ari Charilaou