Manchester United release Zlatan Ibrahimovic

We can’t believe it. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been let go by Manchester United.

Zlatan’s one year contract is set to at months end, although the Red Devils have confirmed they will not be re-signing the Swedish striker.

The Premier League have also confirmed Zlatan’s departure. 

Perhaps things could have been different if Zlatan didn’t pick up a season ending injury? Harsh for a player who scored 17 goals in his first season, and 28 in total.

Paul Pogba has praised Zlatan for his stellar season under manager Jose Mourinho.

“He’s a wonderful person, incredibly funny,” Pogba told Sky Sports.

“I only spend great moments with him.”

“On the pitch he is a winner, he added this mentality to our team.”

“He scored a lot of goals this season, nobody would have thought that given his age.”



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