Is this extremely creepy or pure genius? 

German side FC Shalke 04 are taking innovation to the next level after introducing microchips to next seasons supporters kits.

Paranoid conspiracy theorists will love this one, although there is a legitimate reason behind Shalke’s new kit modification.

The middle table Bundesliga side sealed a four year partnership with sponsors All You Need Fresh.

The online supermarket will implant wireless computer chips to be used to purchase food, drink and discounts at their home stadium Veltins Arena.

The project in the making will slowly eradicate the use of money at stadiums, and will potentially pave the way for the future.

“FC Schalke 04 is an optimal partner for us,” said All You Need Fresh founder and chief executive Jens Drubel.

 It is ‘the’ family club and it is known worldwide, with a fantastic fan-base and a very respected status everywhere.

With their innovative nature, it provides a brilliant opportunity to redefine online food shopping.”

So if you’re thinking that some elite power will use this to track you down at football games, you are probably mistaken. Although, like many other new football innovations, this one will surely receive mixed reactions from the football world.

Would you be happy if your club installed microchips into your team shirt?