Melbourne Victory active supporter group North Terrace are at risk of losing their identity.

Victory fan radio podcast For Vuck’s Sake’, revealed the outcome from the meeting between Victoria Police, Melbourne Victory and key stakeholders. The following proposed restrictions is in response to the the violence from North Terrace members against South Melbourne supporters, during an NPL1 match at Lakeside Stadium.

As punishment, Football Federation Victoria handed down a 6 point deduction to Melbourne Victory NPL side.


For Vuck’s Sake noted that Victoria Police have proposed the following sanctions. 

  • No flags
  • No banners
  • Current NT leaders out
  • Facial recognition
  • Active supporters only able to enter the ground via a designated gate
  • Increased use of undercover police
  • Increased use sniffer dogs to detect flares

Could these potential restrictions put an end to the North Terrace as we know it? 

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