Nike launch Magista II football boots

Nike’s new Magista II are out of this world! 

Nike are taking football boot science to a new level, integrating ‘scientific testing and rapid prototyping’ to boost speed and traction.

For Nike football designer Phil Woodman, this is a project that was two years in the making. The key point of inspiration came from this simple question.

What might happen if the foot had evolved as if it were designed to play football? 

It may seem like a similar boot to the original Magista, but with FEA data from Nike’s Sport Research Lab- everything changes.

The Nike Magista Obra II boot has been released in two styles.





Germany’s World Cup winning goalscorer Mario Götze will feature in the boots next season.

Whilst sticking with the same silhouette, Woodman’s main goal was to improve the players feel and touch on the ball.

“This is the next step in the application of Nike Flyknit,” says Woodman. “The pixel precision of Flyknit makes it possible for us to create dimension without adding weight or overlays. We used to build texture atop the upper, now the upper itself is textured.”

“All of the prototypes we made of Magista 2 had the heat map right on them for data purposes. It creates an iconic aesthetic as well that’s unlike anything else on the pitch.”

 There are also medial and lateral half-conical studs designed for acceleration, as well as heel plant and braking studs positioned by data. The soleplate housing the advanced traction system is significantly lighter than its predecessor: 60g as opposed to 85g.



Ari Charilaou