Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho stole the spotlight in the Indian Futsal League last night, scoring five goals. 

The three time FIFA World Player of the Year has still got it. No one could stop ‘Gaúcho’, as he danced the ball around two defenders and the keeper into an empty net.

The birth of the Indian Futsal League and induction of all star talent has seen stadiums sell out under lights.

Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes also play in the PFL, hence the large majority of Manchester United support. Although it was the Brazilian maestro who stole the show, scoring five goals with ease which included a first half hat-trick.

Like many other Brazilian’s, Ronaldinho never had the luxury of playing on a full size pitch with a ball. He learnt his trade on the street football pitches in the ‘favelas’ of Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. At 36 year old, the World Cup winner is still king of the court and full of smiles leading his side Goa to a 7-2 thrashing of Bangalore.