A fake security training bomb scare caused an evacuation at Old Trafford this morning. Manchester United v Bournemouth has been postponed to Tuesday night.


What a fiasco! A bogus bomb used in a training exercise was left behind in the stadium toilets on Wednesday!


Manchester United will refund every fan who bought a  ticket to the match.



“Season Ticket holders (for their equivalent match ticket price), match ticket purchasers and Matchday VIP purchasers will receive a refund.”

“Any supporters who would have accessed the stadium with their Season Card or Membership Card on Sunday will be able to do so again, and supporters with paper tickets can use them again too, all free of charge.”

“Replacement paper tickets can be issued and can be reprinted at Ticketing & Membership Services on Monday or Tuesday. Fans who come to the stadium to do this on Tuesday are advised to arrive early please to avoid queues.”

As previously confirmed on ManUtd.com, the rearranged match will kick off at 20:00 BST on Tuesday, 17 May.

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