The announcement of newly appointed FIFA president Gianni Infantino has football fans scratching their heads.

To the casual football fan, Infantino might be known as the good guy who you often see co-ordinating the UEFA Champions League draw.

To the more well-drilled fanatic, Infantino is the Uefa secretary general that has succeeded his predecessor, and the most hated man in football- Sepp Blatter. 

Sepp Blatter spent five terms (18 yrs) in charge as the FIFA president 

Once an untouchable powerhouse, FIFA are no longer able to sweep their filthy mess under the rug.

In the biggest footballing controversy in the sports history, Blatter was found guilty of corruption, conflict of interest, breach of loyalty and offering gifts.

Infantino made it clear he did not want to be shed in the same light as the former FIFA president.

I said today we have to build bridges, not build walls.“

“Football can certainly do that. I want to focus on football,” said Infantino.

Should we be worried that Infantino might follow the same path as Blatter?

Probably not, since he is also a lawyer and should know the consequences of wrongdoing.

The FIFA election was a landslide victory for Infantino over his rival

Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa,   50% – 104 of 207 available votes.

Only time will tell if Infantino can turn things around, and reverse the negative stigma that has been caused by years of betrayal and corruption.


– Disclosure of salaries


– Presidents limited to three terms of four years

– Separation of political and managerial functions

– Promotion of women in football

– Human rights enshrined in Fifa statutes


By Ari Charilaou (He’s also on twitter here) 

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