Earning a spot in a professional football team isn’t achieved by any coincidence.

It takes years of hard work on the training track, in the gym and practice with ball under foot for the chance to go big time. As a young footballer with a dream you’ve got to bang the door down, jump at every opportunity possible to reach that dream.

Take Socceroo defender Ivan Franjic for examples. Just over five years ago, he was playing in the semi-professional Victorian Premier League. Now, through his persistence and dedication, he’s been to a World Cup and won an Asian Cup with the Australian National Team.

“I never dropped my head down and never stopped believing in my own ability which is the most important thing and why I got the opportunities I did,” Franjic told THE TURF.

But ever when you’re in, nothing is left to luck. You’ve got to be at the top of your game, fighting for your spot in the starting eleven. You never know when the next youngster steps up to take your spot, so even when you’ve ‘made it’ the challenge has just began. Now you’re in the door, now it’s your job to make the spot yours.

Ask Mustafa Amini, a young Australian midfielder who under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund was encouraged to ‘dream latter’ and play for now.

“Jurgen would tell me, don’t dream already, just work for it and dream latter. It’s all about just working hard and taking your chances,” Amini told THE TURF.

Now Mustafa has recently signed a professional contract with Danish club, Randers FC and earning regular game time. It goes to show that in football you can leave nothing to chance.

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