The last 10 days have been an absolute nightmare for football in

The FFA has come under extreme scrutiny from fans, after
confidential documents were released of the 198 banned A-League fans.

The spark was triggered by Daily Telegraph Journalist
Rebecca Wilson which has since caused an eruption from the Australian football

Many fans are feeling betrayed, after the FFA failed to
defend their own code and instead tried to escape a total PR blunder.

The privacy commission will be investigating, into the perpetrators
of the leaked documents. Some of the 198 fans are innocent, but have lost their
jobs due to the illegally leaked files.  

FFA boss David Gallop held a press conference last night, which
has caused even more of a backlash from fans.

In the last 10 days we have heard three very different

Fans were told that there was no official appeals process,
before being told that there was actually an informal appeals process for
wrongly accused fans. Now the FFA has come forward and said they are planning
to create a formal appeals process.

Fans are being told that their bans will be lifted if they
can provide evidence that proves they have been wrongly victimized.

Virtually, they are being told they are guilty until proven
innocent. Even if a fan is innocent, how will most of them be able to obtain
the evidence that the FFA may or may not possess?

It’s a confusing time for the entire football community, who
don’t know where to turn right now.

If the governing body defended our code, instead of
defending themselves, the footballing community may have united against a
common enemy.

As a result of this mess, football fans walked out in
protest, 30 minutes into last week’s games. The protests were led by Melbourne
Victory active supporters which were then supported by Western Sydney
Wanderers, creating a domino effect throughout the entire league. 

It was an amazing display of unity between all fans around Australia which may be one of the only positives to come from this.


Since there has been no resolution, active support groups
have announced they will boycott this week’s round of games, and not show up.


Here is a snippet of the released facebook statement from WSW
active support group Red and Black Bloc:

Nobody from the FFA has approached us nor initiated any meeting requests,
contrary to what David Gallop has said.

– Gallop and the FFA have shown they are indeed not listening to
anyone, as they regurgitated that the burden of proof falls on the banned
persons. When questioned, Gallop confirmed that they cannot show any banned
persons the evidence that was used against them to justify their ban.

Gallop and the FFA did not defend it’s largest stakeholder, the fans, or the
game itself against media bias, in fact exacerbated the issue.

RBB and other active groups around the country have made a stand against the
FFA and their unjust processes, which we believe will lead to the change that
we all desire. We will continue to make a stand until this occurs.

RBB will be boycotting the game this Saturday vs Brisbane at home in its
entirety, and encourage the rest of the fans to do so. This is the only way to
continue sending a strong message to the FFA that we will not stand for their
inept administration of our game. The FFA cannot use the fans as a marketing
tool but then continually mistreat them, while asking them to help grow the
game. It is counter intuitive and hypocritical.


By Ari Charilaou (He’s also on twitter here) –  

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