Mother’s Day is coming up. Sunday May 10 (you can thank us for the reminder later).

This got us thinking the amount of times that fortunately (and unfortunately) Mum was right. Forgetting your football boots, dragging you out of bead early on a Saturday morning so you make kick-off and accurately predicting the outcome of every game. That’s Mum.

The amount of times that I wanted to stop something, do something differently, go somewhere and attempt something with a warm warning against our foreboding actions, and being right, was humorous (not for us). That’s Mum.

So whilst you mull over the date that we gave you at the top of this spiel, have a think; when was Mum right? What time did her persistence, determination, consideration and wisdom have a big impact on your life?

This mothers day, why not go visit your Mum, give her some flowers and tell her when she was right?

NIVEA have recently been thinking the same thing, creating a unique video expressing the stories of young women reflecting on the advice of their mothers.

This is an advertorial for NIVEA.