A full ninety minutes is loud. The hype of an intense game on the pitch or with your voice in the stands can do two things. 

1. Captures the raw essence of human emotions. Excitement, disappointment. Joy, despair. Victory, Loss. Football makes you do funny things when caught up in the on-pitch action, lining up your shot on the edge of the box or anxiously awaiting the result of a penalty shootout. 

2. It can make you smell, just a little. Going for the big high five all-round can leave a nasty odour for your comrade (or lady friend) sitting around you. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to be that guy.

The folk at LYNX got thinking and have decided to change up the game a little bit. Known for their loud, bold and distinct sent, LYNX have decided to go just a little bit quieter to create a new stylish mens grooming range. Designed to be more subtle and refined, LYNX Black allows you to make an impression without going over the top.

The Black grooming range is great whether you’re hitting the town for a big night out, watching the game with some mates and, most importantly, heading on a date to impress that special someone!

Next time you’re in the supermarket – make sure you look out for the new LYNX Black collection.

This is a sponsored advertorial by LYNX. Words by us.