This is a Sponsored Post by XXXX GOLD.

To be a professional footballer, you need to be able to train hard, prepare well, recover, keep hydrated and maintain a good healthy diet. The same is for you when you’re watching the big game on a Saturday afternoon or looking for a late night Premier League appetiser.

The pantry is often your first point of call, a packed of chips or those delicious looking chocolate biscuits staring you down. But why not try something different, that’s quick and easy to cook, but also a healthy meal that goes down a treat.

So next time your doing your weekly run down to the supermarket – grab some corn cobs, two lemons, some parmesan and a handful of dried chillies. The folk over at XXX Gold have teamed up with Nathan Lion to create an easy to follow, step-by-step process to produce a beautiful football snack for yourself and a couple of mates.

This weekend when you’re feeling peckish before the big game, why not fire up the barbie and whip up some tasty Corn Cobs in a mater of minutes. Best of all it goes down a treat alongside an XXXX Gold Beer. 

This is a Sponsored Post by XXXX Gold Beer / Nathan Lion. Words by us.